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24.03.2002 Ostia Marines

Badalona beats Ostia

Marines Ostia out ot EFAF CUP after a lost for 19-13 at Acilia vs. the Badalona Drags.
A first half close to a disaster drove the Italian team to a lost that could probably be a win.
The Drags, a solid team with some good individual talent, have piled up what the home team has kindly gifted in the first half, though a big come-back risk in the second half.
The statistics (162 yds. to 100 for the Marines) are not realistic to explain the game because the Italian offense has gained in the first half just 18 yds. making also a great present to the Drags fumbling close to the Italian goal line and allowing a defensive TD (Herbera).
The Marines defense has in fact allowed just a long drive to the opponents thanks to the great performance of the veteran capitains, Capata e Pacelli.
The match starts without the Marines American Rb, Crosby, stopped on the way to the field for a car accident, and on the other side Moussa e Marino gain on the ground the first 6 points for the Drags (Marino 3 yds. run).
When Crosby comes in the game (on 13-0 for the Drags) the game looks changed but a fumble of the Rb on the defensive 30, gives the ball again to the Spanish team.
In 6 plays the Drags score with the first complete pass (Llitjos from Pina).
The play after the Marines score on a 80 yds. kickoff returned, vanified by an unlegal use of the hands.
The second half starts at the same way with a slow Marines offense and a defense that is gaining confidence.
After a Drags fumble, the Marines offense starts to play and thanks to Pacelli and Macellaro gaines enough yards to score the first TD due to a Valerio Bozzarini reception (16 yds.).
The Drags do a 3 and out and the Marines offence build a drive with a score made by Crosby on a 1 yd. run.
The Marines come-back dream is stopped by the referees that do not give the ball to the Marines on a recovered onside kick and the last Marines drive dies on a 4th and 15 after a Soler (Drags MVP) sack.

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