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Zurich Renegades
(c) Zurich Renegades


17.05.2004 Zurich Renegades

Close game between Zurich and Danube

Somehow the Danube Dragons were expected in Zurich as favourites in their game against the Zurich Renegades, after the Austrians did beat the P.A. Knights at home one week ago. But the swiss team made it for a close win against the Danube team. The EFAF Cup group is open again.

WR Martin Kuen (4 rec, 52 yds)against Zürich Renegades
(c) Danube Dragons
WR Martin Kuen (4 rec, 52 yds)against Zürich Renegades
(c)Danube Dragons

Close win of the ZURICH RENEGADES

Three years after the last win by a Swiss team on the European level, the Zürich Renegades succeeded in winning their first EFAF Cup home game against the Danube Dragons from Austria. In front of more than 1'000 spectators in the stadium Buchholz in Uster, the Renegades won a battle of the halftimes. After an outstanding first half by the Renegades (35-7), the Austrians mounted an amazing second half comeback to end the game with a final score of 35:28.

Motivated by the fantastic crowd and the perfect Football weather, the Renegades had a brilliant start and were leading after the first quarter. Touchdowns were quickly scored by fullback Oliver Fröhlich and halfback Urs Gersbach. The injury to quarterback Todd Smargiasso couldn’t stop the offensive and the score was increased by tight-end Carlos Nuno and the second touchdown of Urs Gersbach.

Up to this point there was not much to be seen of the Dragons. The Renegades defense forced either turn-overs or punts time and time again. Not until the middle of the second quarter did the Dragons put together a successful drive, which finally led to a score by QB Brent Luebke.

Following the first points by the Austrians, the Renegades started losing control of the game and the momentum started to shift in favor of the Dragons. Despite this, the Renegades were able to score once more before halftime when LB Carlos Nuno ran an interception back for his second TD of the game.

The second half showed a completely different game in which the Dragons completely dominated time of possession and dictated the game. They presented a strong and well organized running game, which was based on the great blocking of the offense line and highlighted runningback Christian Ully. The only positive thing for the Renegades was that their defense allowed only one big play and that they kept control of the very strong Dragons passing game. The Dragons scored another two TDs with Stefan Scharinger and Christian Ully plus a two-point conversion, again by RB Ully.

The Renegades offense was non-existent in the entire second half and the Dragons attempted three onside- kicks to get back into the game. All of them were recovered by the Renegades, which prevented any further scoring by Danube.

As time was running out, the Dragons needed to rely on their, thus far, unsuccessful pass play again. Two minutes before the end of the game, Tobias Oberzeller could catch a nice pass in the endzone, which brought the Dragons to within one TD of tying the game.

After the following onside-kick, the Renegades managed to get the ball and to control the time.

The Renegades have got it in their hands to move into the next round of the EFAF Cup. Next weekend, the second game will take place in Guilford UK against the PA Knights.

Until then, there’s still some work to do to avoid such a breakdown in the performance and to be able to be concentrated over the full game time.

ZURICH RENEGADES – Danube Dragons: 35 : 28 (14:0, 21:7, 0:14, 0:7)

TD 6 pts: # 24 Fröhlich
Kick, 1 pt: # 95 Keller
TD 6 pts: # 26 Gersbach
Kick, 1 pt: # 95 Keller

TD 6 pts: # 91 Nuno
Kick, 1 pt: # 95 Keller
TD 6 pts: # 26 Gersbach
Kick, 1 pt: # 95 Keller

TD 6 pts: # 3 Luebke
Kick, 1 pt: # 11 Schubert

TD 6 pts: # 91 Nuno
Kick, 1 pt: # 95 Keller

TD 6 pts: # 33 Ully
Conversion, 2 pts: # 33 Ully
TD 6 pts: # 32 Scharinger

TD 6 pts: # 88 Oberzeller
Kick, 1 pt: # 11 Schubert

Stadium Buchholz, Uster - Zürich
Spectators: 1041

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