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30.03.2002 Graz Giants

Graz Giants get easy win against Giants from Bolzano

No one can stop me
(c) Graz Giants
No one can stop me
(c)Graz Giants

When: Saturday, 30th March 2002; 3.01 p.m.
Where: ASKÖ Eggenberg, Graz, Austria
TV: ORF1: Sunday, 13h40 Sport-Bild TW1: Friday, 21h30
Game officials: Referee: Plendl (Ger); Umpire: König (Aut); Linesman: Ulicny (Aut);Line judge: Di Battista (Ita); Back judge: Ball (Ger)
Attendance: 500
Weather forecast: sunny, 18°C, 64°F

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
Öko Box Graz Giants 13 12 13 14 52
Bolzano Giants 6 0 6 0 12

1st Quarter
10:13 GIA - T.MARI 3 yd run (R.HORN kick failed); BOL 0 - GIA 6
09:56 GIA - C.KRANZ 13 yd pass from T.MARI (R.HORN kick); BOL 0 - GIA 13
02:07 BOL - F.GIULIANO 75 yd pass from R.GREENE (J.HORIHEL kick failed); BOL 6 - GIA 13
2nd Quarter
10:13 GIA - M.GRASSEGGER 29 yd pass from T.MARI (C.KRANZ rush failed); BOL 6 - GIA 19
06:19 GIA - M.McLAURY 30 yd fumble recovery (C.KRANZ pass failed); BOL 6 - GIA 25
3rd Quarter
11:43 BOL - R.GREENE 94 yd kickoff return (J.HORIHEL kick failed); BOL 12 - GIA 25
09:30 GIA - I.GUSTAFSON 15 yd pass from T.MARI (R.HORN kick) BOL 12 - GIA 32
01:49 GIA - I.GUSTAFSON 3 yd pass from T.MARI (R.HORN kick failed); BOL 12 - GIA 38
4th Quarter
11:20 GIA - I.GUSTAFSON 25 yd pass from T.MARI (R.HORN kick); BOL 12 - GIA 45
07:50 GIA - M.GRASSEGGER 20 yd pass from T.MARI (R.HORN kick); BOL 12 - GIA 52

Rushing G. Faric 45 yds Receeving M. Grassegger 223 yds Passing T. Mari 342 yds Tackles J. Widner 4.5 Rushing R. Greene 113 yds Receeving F. Giuliano 75 yds Passing R. Greene 75 yds Tackles F. Giuliano 7.0

Öko-Box Graz Giants - 1. Grazer American Football Club - Established 1981


The Öko-Box Graz Giants gained an easy win against the Bolzano Giants in their first game of the season, when they crashed the Italians 52-12 Saturday afternoon at Graz-Eggenberg.

500 spectators in Graz-Eggenberg saw an early 13 point Graz lead, when the Ökö-Box Graz Giants scored two touchdowns in the first two minutes of the game.
After breaking up the Bolzano defense with precise passes on his main targets WR Martin Grassegger and TE Ivan Gustafson, QB Travis Mari rushed for the first Giants TD of the season.
After a fumble on the Kickreturn of Bolzano Graz Quarterback Mari extended the lead to 13 points connecting with youngster Christian Kranz over 13 yards.
However, Giuliano was able to keep the game open, when he scored Bolzanos first touchdown of the day with an amazing 75 yard TD reception from RB/QB Reggie Greene.
WR Martin Grassegger and DE Mike McLaury, who carried a recovered fumble over 30 yards to a touchdown, scored for the Graz Giants in the second quarter. Which lead to a Halftime Score of 25:06 for Graz.
Super-RB Reggie Greene opened the second half with a 94-yard kickoff return TD, Bolzanos last score of the day.
In the following minutes QB Travis Mari, who finished the day with 32 attempts, 24 competitions, 1 interception and 6 TD passes, continued his show and passed non less than four TD-Passes in the final two quarters of the game, two of the to American TE Ivan Gustafson. Before handing the Offense command to Austrian QB Christian Kranz who was 1 for 3 and ran down the gameclock with running plays.
Especially the passing offense of Graz worked really well. Grassegger caught 13 passes for 223 yards, Gustafson 7 for 97 yards. Kicker Horn of the Öko-Box Graz Giants was 4 for 6 on PATs.
Bolzano RB Greene was kept to 116 yards Rushing during the game.

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