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19.04.2003 EFAF

EFAF-Cup: Teams and Schedule 2003

Ready for Kickoff
(c) AFVD

It took a while, but finally the 2003 EFAF - Cup tournament is settled and published.
2003 Cup is played in 2 divisions.

Division A:
The first one with a group of three teams, which play
Round Robin system:
- PA Knights - Great Britain - British 1.Division Team,
a suburb of London,
- Tyrolean Raiders - Austria - 2002 third place in Austrian Division,
participating in Eurobowl 2002
- Zurich Renegades - Switzerland - Swiss Champion 2002

Division B:
In this group we do have four clubs, playing in two groups ko-system.
Both winners play against each other, ko-system.

- NFA Monarchs - Denmark - Danish Champion 2002
- Kiev Slavs - Ukraine - Ukrainian Vice-Champion 2002
participating in Eurobowl 2002

- Carlstad Crusaders - Sweden - Swedish Vice-Champion 2002
- Roskilde Kings - Denmark - Danish Vice-Champion 2002

Both games will be played in Copenhagen as a double-header on one day.
The winner of both games meet in Carlstad/Roskilde.

Both Division A and B winners meet in EFAF-Cup Final 2003.

The Final is played in Insbruck on June 14th, 2003, or in Carlstad on July 19th, 2003. Both teams offered to host the final in case of winning their divisions. If both clubs meet in the final, game will be played in Insbruck.

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