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11.04.2003 EFAF

EUROBOWL: Teams and Schedule 2003

Ready for Kickoff
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And now: The European Top Tournament of American Football, the EUROBOWL XVII

The 2003 tournament is played in a new format. The four divisions are remaining same. Instead of quarterfinals a TOP 12 Tournament is played. Best 12 clubs in Europe fight for 4 semifinal places.

The semifinals are played on weekend June 14./15., 2003. As it looks, semifinal games are played in Braunschweig on Saturday, June 14th and in Vienna on Sunday, June 15th (if the Vikings make it to their semifinal), to find the two best clubs for EUROBOWL XVII in Braunschweig on July 5th.

TOP 12 Tournament is created new for 2003 season.This kind of tournament was developped to make every game important and spectacular. The division games are played Round-Robin-System, so that every team has one home and one away game, basically.

Group winner go into the semifinal, but also place two in the single division has high importance. The two finalist places guarantee the right of participation in next season EUROBOWL Tournament for the single club directly. The two loosing teams of semifinals and the four second placed clubs in their divisions earn the right for their nation as a country spot in next seasons EUROBOWL Tournament.
Third places in the divisions are open for qualified and nominated clubs. If there are more places than the four open spots in the four divisions clubs have to play qualification for those spots.

These system guarantees on longer time that only the best teams are automatically part of TOP 12. And the next best clubs in Europe have to go through a qualification, so that the best teams are playing against each other in the four divisions of TOP 12.

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